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Is it sad that I know the exact moment this is from? The above is after he says “What you want every vagina to be.” And below is after she says, “It’s breezy.”

Yup. Useless information, part 2.

ETA: That makes absolutely no sense out of context, I realize. Here.

ETA2: I just peripherally watched that bottom gif about 20 times as I was writing this post and I still think it’s funny. It’s official. I am never growing up.

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Yeah, but has anybody made a gif of the “buffer, not fluffer” part yet?
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Four and a half minutes in, I’m just going to leave this here. Because apparently it’s mind boggling how little I’ve posted and/or reblogged about Chris Evans on this thing.

(I’m sparing you guys.)


(You should see my liked posts.)


(The first 25 pages or so of my liked posts are aaall Chris Evans related.)

(It’s a little terrifying, I think, how skilled I am at liking Chris Evans posts.)

GINABADINA is my favorite person in the world right now!